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4 reviews for Dr. Gusain’s Health Solutions (DGHS)

  1. Vivek Jain Nov 05, 2016

    I know Dr. Vijay Singh Gusain for over 15 years. He is our family and extended family’s Holistic Health and Yoga consultants. Over the years, we have benefitted severals times with his consultations, advises and recommendations. He is one such a healing experience of my mother with his advise.
    My mother age 65 was suffering headache. She has taken more than 30 tablets of combiflam a month to relieve her problem. When we consulted Dr Vijay Gusain, he advised some remedies to her. After 6 weeks she had the least episodes of headache and after 6 months she rarely had headache. Her stress has reduced, mental health has improved and she has not taken any headache medicines within two years.
    I recommend him to everyone who in need to prevent and manage diseases; and improve quality of life.
    Vivek Jain, Officer in Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi.

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  2. Surinder Juneja Nov 13, 2015

    I had never imagined that starting Yoga sessions in 1996 for few months with Mr. Vijay Singh Gusain would lead to last lasting warm association of therapeutic health benefits of Yoga and Naturopathy for me and my near and dear ones in Delhi. I got to know about Mr. Vijay Gusain from Sevak Ram Naturopathy Center, Lajpat Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi and asked him to assist me in weight loss through Yoga and Naturopathy.

    He started with me Yoga sessions of one hour. The session comprised asanas, suryanamaskar, relaxation and pranayamas. In addition, he advised me dietary reforms from time to time. It initially included cutting down of fat and carbohydrate at dinner and increasing vegetables and fruits. While Yoga exercises went from mild to moderate degree of difficulty with their repetition from five to ten times; dietary part involved gradually cutting down of fat and carbohydrate, increasing servings of vegetables and fruits to at its peak of fasting for a few days on juices, soups, vegetables and fruits. Over a period of two months or so, I not only lost 12 kilogram of weight, inches all over the body and shaped my belly but also increased strength, endurance and energy.
    Since then I and my near and dear ones have constantly taking his services for management and prevention of diseases and promotion of health.
    I cannot include all my experiences of health benefits and improved quality of life which I reaped due to an association and advice and recommendations of Mr. Vijay Gusain. Yet I would like to add one more experience of his clear, concise and complete teaching; I had always wanted to swim and could not learn and enjoy it. I had my own swimming pools at my residence at Sanik Farm, New Delhi as well in Canada. When I mentioned my ‘wish’ of learning and enjoying swimming without even knowing whether he could help me or not; he told me he would teach me. It was amazement for me at that time and it may amaze you to know that ”I learnt swimming in one day and overcome my fear of swimming.” It may seem magical to you but he explained me; and I too understood that it is pure science.
    Irrespective of age, gender, religion, health conditions, etc., I love to recommend Mr. Vijay Gusain to you all/whom so ever want to reap height of scientific benefits of Yoga, Naturopathy, etc. from a man who has depth of knowledge and experiences of his professional subjects.

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  3. Vijay Gusain - Business Owner Sep 10, 2015

    Since 1998, Vijay Singh Gusain has been our family yoga teacher and holistic health consultant. What we appreciate the most about him is, before starting Yoga/healing sessions, he takes into account of totality of your wants, needs, diseases, purpose, etc. Then he customizes a design for you utilizing theories and practices from different alternative sciences such as yoga, naturopathy, ayurveda, acupressure, reflexology, trigger point therapy), supplements, etc.
    He is eclectic, integrative and holistic in his approach while working with you as teacher/healer for attainment of health and wellness as well as management and prevention of your physical and mental-emotional diseases and ailments.
    In 2005, when I got joints pain along with Osteoporosis, he went through my blood tests, x-rays, bone-densitometry, etc. and told me that my joint problem would be reversed within 09 to 12 months. He conducted 45-60 minutes Yoga session three times a week and recommended me to take supplement of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D. Within a period of 45 to 60 days, I started feeling better and used to rarely feel joint pain. I was eager to see my progress and went through all the relevant tests, x-rays, etc. after 08 months. The reports of the tests indicated reversal of osteoporosis and presence healthy bone density.
    I am person of logic, balance, variety and flexibility in approach. These days, after 10 years, I practice Yoga asanas (postures) and pranayam (breathing exercises) for 20 minutes, walking for 20 minutes and 20 minutes of light weight training. I go through all the relevant tests and investigations every year and my general physician tells me that results of reports are that of a young woman.
    Hence, folks! Message is clear…controlling/managing/reversing/curing your health once in the past is not enough, the important is to prevent the problem from recurring, staying healthy and happy. Moreover, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, “Prevention is better than cure”
    Ever since we knew Vijay Gusain, we found him to have constantly upgraded his academic and experiential knowledge. We recommend him to anyone who seeks to manage their health problems, prevent diseases from recurring and improve life style. We always wish him good luck and success.

    Reva Puri
    Mobile: 9953684474
    E-mail: revapuri@ymail.com

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  4. Deepak Mendiratta Jul 07, 2015

    Dear Vijay ji,
    I want to express my sincere thanks to you for your valuable advice regarding my urinary difficulty due to enlarged prostate.
    I remember, when I met you 4-5 years back, a little depressed with my health problem. The urologist of Holy Family Hospital had advised me for immediate operation. I consulted you at Lajpat Bhawan, Delhi. After going through my blood, urine and ultra sound reports you had advised me to practice a few yoga methods (ashwini mudra, mool bandha, ek paddottanasan, adha pawanmuktasan, markatasan, breathing exercises, meditation, etc.), dietary reforms to stick with and walk for 2-3 kilometers both in the morning and evening.
    By following your advice till today, my urinary problem has not at least worsen rather it has improved and the best of all is…I did not need to go for surgery of prostate. Now a day, my urine flow is better
    than before. Earlier I used to go to pass urine 4-5 times during night, but now I only need to go two times. In the beginning, when the problem started my urine retention was 250mg, gradually, it get down to 150 and it was 54 when the last test done during Feb., 15. Similarly, may PSA was 9.5 and now it is 7.5, which is still higher than normal but overall including ultra sound reports also confirmed signs of improvements.
    I remember, you have mostly been very nice to everyone [whosoever come to you to consult their health problems] and give sincere advice after patiently hearing the health problems as well as noticing reports of diagnostic tests. May God bless you with the best services to the mankind.
    With feeling of always being indebted.

    Deepak Mendiratta
    Mobile 9811336593
    E-mail:: dkmendi@yahoo.com

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