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Surya Synergies is operated by Dr. Naresh Mintri who is a Reiki Grand Master, certified Hypnotherapist and a multi-modality healer. Dr. Mintri has over 20 years of experience in healing and counseling on areas of relationship, natural child-birth through hypnosis, de-addiction, self-confidence and other aspects of personal and professional life.

We offer one-on-one healing sessions at our center for which we request you to take prior appointment. Alternatively, for those who are not in the vicinity, we offer audio and video conferencing sessions over Skype or any conferencing mode. We also offer Reiki courses (all levels) over the internet.

For Hypnotherapy, we equip our clients with audio recordings that can be used by them at a place and time that is convenient to them. We eliminate the  hassle of visiting the center everyday for sessions; saving both time and expense for the client. We are humbled to have helped numerous people through our healing and counseling sessions.

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6 reviews for Surya Synergies

  1. soma dutta Jun 18, 2013

    I’m indebted to him. It was sometime in the year 2009, my teacher was suffering from a problem. I only knew that he is anticipating some serious disease but he didn’t say what exactly it was. I could guess the difficulties he was having. I was feeling helpless. The only thing I had in my hand was to pray to God with full devotion. That time I heard about Reiki and approached a Reiki centre through some website. Seeing the locality that I mentioned in the online form, Naresh dada contacted me. I explained to him the problem vaguely as I was not sure of it myself. He started doing Reiki and also taught me some ways to raise my confidence so that I could also help my teacher to come out of the suffering.

    After 6 months or so, my teacher’s problem started to disappear. I definitely think that medicines played some role but I also believe that the goodness of someone’s positive thoughts, confidence, and desire to help others in coming out of their suffering played a major role in the recovery. So, I’m thankful, and very very grateful to Naresh dada.

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  2. Azbiela Meta May 28, 2013

    Naresh Mintri is the best Reiki teacher and healer in the world. I have confidence about what I am saying. I received Reiki healing lectures from him and I felt that he was so much dedicated to his work. I am from Albania, and I received his lectures and guidance through emails and Skype. He was always taking so much care about how I could be a good Reiki healer. One day he told me, “I want my students to be better than me.” – He works with this kind of heart. It is just his pure and honest heart that pushes him to be the best teacher and healer in the world.

    He also gave me healing because I had some spiritual problem and it helped me. I am very grateful. He is working with all his heart. That’s why he is so good at his work. He just want to help people. I am glad that I know him.

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  3. Sudeepa May 23, 2013

    I was having serious health issues in 2011 when I first visited Mr. Naresh Mintri. My health issues were popping from underlying emotional issues that I did not register. Through our one-to-one sessions, I discovered those hidden tensions in my emotional life and started recognizing them as the factor for my severe illness. Once we traced my underlying emotional traumas and dealt with them successfully one after another, my physical illness started disappearing. Now I have recovered from my illness and enjoying a healthy life along with positive, lively attitude, all due to Mr. Naresh Mintri.

    Nareshji has taught me how to balance my chakras, heal illness, create harmony in relationships and enjoy life through Reiki, Creative Visualization and Meditation along with Mudras. I am greatly thankful to him for the new lease of hope he has given me. And, I am grateful to God for connecting me with Nareshji and send his blessings through Nareshji.

    Once you meet Nareshji, you will know the wonder. You will find a new lease in life. May God Bless you in meeting Nareshji soon.

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  4. Adriana Spears May 23, 2013

    My name is Adriana Spears. I live in New Jersey. I am a Mother, Wife and a Reiki practitioner and I would like to share my experience with Dr. Naresh Mintri.

    I met Dr. Naresh Mintri at a time in my life when I was putting everyone else first and having very low self-esteem due to lack of work for 2 years, and I was dealing with some family issues.
    Subconsciously, I didn’t feel that I deserved any better than what I had at that time.
    Well… Dr. Naresh Mintri had news for me!! Through his wisdom, healing sessions and amazing guidance, he helped me gain confidence in myself, to take time out for me, to feel that I am worthy and not to settle for just any less that what I truly want for me. The sessions happened over Skype.

    Dr. Naresh Mintri has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel. Through his guidance, I am sorting out the baggage that I carry with me (of which I had quite an amount!), and I’m now not taking on other people’s issues & negativity.
    I always hear the phrase “What you put out there is what you get back”. It’s not that I did not care anymore; but, after a few conversations with Dr. Naresh Mintri I am feeling positive, and hopefully I am getting back a wonderful response. I now have the confidence to strive for my goals and aspirations. Without Dr. Naresh Mintri’s wisdom & guidance, I would still be going round in circles, chasing my tail.

    Even though sometimes there were things said that I didn’t want to hear, on reflection it all made perfect sense.

    I thank Dr. Naresh Mintri from the bottom of my heart for his spiritual guidance, for the wonderful times we shared, but most of all for changing my life and letting me be one more of his students.

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  5. Sunjay Somani May 22, 2013

    I had the opportunity to witness Shri Naresh Mintri (who coincidentally is also related to me) give healing sessions to my sister-in-law who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and now undergoing chemotherapy.

    He gave a very interesting and amazing display of how Reiki works in healing and the immense benefits it accrues to the recipient/patient. She started responding the very same day the sessions began and felt an upsurge in her confidence and bodily systems. I’m sure this is going to help her immensely in days to come

    His USP is the undivided attention he devotes on a particular case. This truly shows the importance of a person to person contact on an individual level in all such healing methods. The mental tuning and understanding which a healer needs to have with the healed has to be absolutely perfect, which is what his hallmark is.

    All who read this opinion are welcome to try out what’s said above. I’m confident you would find the same truth within your own experience as well.

    The patient is based in Mumbai (India) while Naresh Mintri is in Kolkata and the entire treatment was done online.


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  6. Chandi Devi May 20, 2013

    Naresh Mintri is an extraordinary healer in every sense of the word. An enlightened Being disguised as a mortal. His wisdom and gifts are apparent to all who know him. I was the fortunate recipient of his healing gift. On the pain scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, my pain level was a 9. I was debilitated, and nothing helped the pain. Medication, which I forced myself to take, did not help. Ointments and salves applied to the area did not help. Exercise did not help. Massage did not help. The pain persisted for two days, and showed no improvement. Naresh did a long distance healing via Skype (I live in the Los Angeles area). I could feel his transmission of energy enter my body through sharp, powerful pulsations that seemed to “massage” the areas where I was hurting the most. The pain seemed to intensify for about a minute and then suddenly, it left. I was surprised. My pain level went down to a 1. The sharp edges of the pain smoothed and flattened. It was wonderful! I recommend Naresh Mintri for all your healing needs, for your body, for your mind, for your emotions and for your soul. He is a beautiful, pure soul!

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