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An internationally renowned TAROT CARD expert/teacher, ace numerologist, feng shui expert, and specialist in alternative therapies, Dr. Seema Midha has been consistently bringing light into people’s lives for the last 18 years. In view of her qualifications, Dr. Midha has done her Masters in Child Psychology and also her B.Ed. but more than that, she is a scientific spiritualist having the capability to heal mind, body, heart and soul. Her basic aim is to heal humanity. She has conducted lectures on different topics to heal and help people to lead a healthy and happy life.

The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines has awarded her a gold medal for her outstanding contribution in the field of health and medical sciences. Recently she has also been conferred with the Bharat Nirman Award for her praiseworthy achievement in the field of alternative therapies. Now she has launched her own Mystical Tarot Deck along with a Guidebook and Mystical Tarot Essentials/Remedies. Being socially involved as a noted tarot reader, Dr Seema Midha believes in uncovering the hidden strength within people, with a sole aim to empower them with self-confidence. Renowned worldwide for her selfless contribution towards the Rotary Club, Masonic club societies NGOs Dr Seema Midha is Asia’s number one tarot expert. Globally acclaimed with the Reiki Master ship Bharat Nirman Award, Dr. Seema Midha has authored an easy to understand “Mystical Tarot Deck with Guide Book” , describing all the 78 tarot cards. And her expertise in numbers A BOOK first in the world ‘MOBILE NUMBER CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ also she launched for the first time in India TAROT FORECAST 2009 /2010/2011.

Dr Seema Midha’s Tarot & Numerology workshops, more than 800 tarot television programs, 350 radio broadcasts and motivation articles, have reached many hearts and developed personalities of individuals from all fields of life. She has been in every part of the world, holding seminars, campaigns, print media, press events to propagate the benefits of tarot reading & occult sciences

Just being in her presence, will give you positive energy, a new ray of hope, and the answers you were looking for. Whether you are trapped in an unhappy marriage or undergoing a mid-life crisis, share your problems with Dr Seema Midha, a patient listener. Helping you through emotional, spiritual, professional, or mental stress, she makes sure you adopt a positive attitude, to help you win in life. Simply because Dr Seema Midha’s sincere services are all about you, your happiness, your success and your peace of mind.

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6 reviews for Tarot Reader, Numerologist – Dr. Seema Midha

  1. krishna Jun 30, 2013

    She has a vibrant aura and is an excellent motivator. Her command on the subject attracts others.

    I got the chance to learn Tarot and Numbers from her. She is my guru ma. My heartfelt gratitude to her and thank god for sending her to me. She transformed my life completely and is a role model for me and many.

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  2. rinki Jun 30, 2013

    She is an India Book of Record holder. That’s great!

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  3. Jahanvi varma Jun 11, 2013

    I would like to thank Midha Aunty for her predictions. It is such a pleasure to meet her and her predictions are mind blowing accurate. All my problems have been solved by her. I can’t believe that even though I am living so far from her she can still tell me what’s going on in my life or what it’s going to be.

    When I totally gave up, her reading helped me to look beyond and once again I got my confidence back and this is the reason I always take her consultation and blessings before any decision.

    I can say from the bottom of my heart who so ever wants to know about their future Dr. Seema Midha has the answers for all your queries and she will heal you with her love and affection.


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  4. junaaid shaikh Jun 06, 2013

    She is very good…her calculations are damn good…i ask her for every work that i do.

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  5. jai shree jain Jun 06, 2013

    She is my mentor mind blowing readings…I can suggest her name to everyone. She is a true guide, teacher, friend and my role model.

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  6. Jhaveri Jun 06, 2013

    I got a chance to meet Dr Seema Midha at a friend’s place where she did a tarot reading for me. Her accuracy and indepth knowledge in this field had me spellbound. And since then, whenever I need guidance in any aspect of life, I approach her with undoubting trust.

    In times of confusion, she has always shown me the right way. I thank her for all the motivation and guidance she has given me, and most of all, her positivity which is bound to rub on anyone and make all their small and big problems in life seem worthless!

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