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Dear Subscriber,

Thank you once again for listing your practice on FaithAndYou.com. To ensure that your practice is found easily and you get the maximum out of your listing, it is important to always keep your information accurate and updated. Over the next few days, let us examine the various parts of your listing to see how we can make it more impactful.

Subscriber, let us start by discussing Reviews.

What are reviews?
Reviews are testimonials from your clients, students, or other people who have experienced your practice.

Why are reviews important?
People want to hear what others have to say about you. There is more trust in someone neutral talking about you than you talking about yourself. So, Subscriber, get more people to write about you.

What makes a good review?
A good review is one that makes it easier for the visitor to take a decision. Here are a few things that help people take faster and better decisions about your practice:

  • Quote specific incidents: People like to know exactly what happened. Without an example, your claim is no better than someone else’s.
  • Talks about the practitioner, not the practice: Most visitors may already know what practice to follow. They do not need to know how Yoga is good for them; they need to know why you as a Yoga practitioner is good for them.
  • Talk about ‘why’: It is good to know that people like your practice, but more important to know why. For example, “she is an amazing practitioner” is less impactful than “her knowledge, patience, and humility makes her an amazing practitioner.”
  • Talk to the community: The review should address the community and not the practitioner. For example, “XYZ has a good sense of humor” is okay, but “You have a great sense of humor, XYZ” is not okay.

Where can I find the reviews on my listing?
Reviews can be found at the bottom of your listing. Within the review section, existing reviews are placed first and a form for new reviews below them.

How can I invite my students or clients to review my listing?
You may use the mail below to invite people to review your listing.


Dear Student/Client,

I have recently listed my practice on www.FaithAndYou.com. I invite you to visit the site and review my listing. This will help me attract more seekers. Please visit the site,  and search for my name/my center in my city and write a review.

You may use the following review guidelines to make your review useful to others:

  1. State a specific incident about me (my class/therapy/guidance) that impacted your life?
  2. What makes me a good practitioner or my center a good one?
  3. Do you recommend me? If yes, why?

Thank you,



Hope this information is useful to you. Next time, we will talk about the Title of your listing.

Anuj Jaggia

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