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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)- a branch of Cranial Osteopathy, is a naturalistic approach to health and healing. Due to its gentle and non-invasive quality, it is fast growing popularity in the field of paramedical health care as a safe and effective model that supports disorders and imbalances of the body, restoring resiliency to our system and improving overall circulation.

Human life and health is dependent upon the craniosacral system within the body. It has recently been medically acknowledged as a natural, continuous body rhythm that promotes and maintains life in the body (along with the respiratory and circulatory systems).

The aliveness of the body can be felt in the rhythmic motion of the cerebrospinal fluid along with all the cells, tissues, bones and other fluids in the body. Craniosacral sessions enhance this natural flow and support the inner balance of the system, thereby restoring health to the nervous system and all other functions of the body.

The Biodynamic Approach of Craniosacral Therapy addresses and supports the Primary Respiratory System – the original matrix of health, carrying life potency to every cell, tissue and organ of our body. This approach rejuvenates our whole being as the body settles into a deeper space of stillness and meditative watchfulness.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy helps heal and support:

- Spine related issues, neck and back problems, joint problems
- Headaches & migraines
- Dental trauma like TMJ issues (jaws), crossbites.
- Endocrinal, hormonal dysfunctions
- Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
- Sensory disorders such as issues of eyes, ears, nasal cavity.
- Respiratory & thorasic issues, asthema, bronchitis, sinusitis
- Imbalances in the nervous system, digestive disorders, immunity problems
- Bell’s Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Cerebral Palsy
- Children with neurological problems such as delayed milestons, learning disabilities, autisim, etc
- Conception & pregnancy support. Mothers during & after labor
- Babies: newly born & birth related traumas (breastfeeding, colic, reflux, etc)
- Trauma support from accidents, surgery, injury, shock, attacks, illness, etc
- Support for degenerative diseases & terminal illnesses

This work is non invasive, extremely safe and there are no contraindications to its use.

Sessions in Bandra and Worli – call and inquire about Worli clinic sessions.


I heard about craniosacral therapy from my sister in law who was recommended by her pediatrician in London to the sametherapy for her daughter suffering from reflux. My sister in law observed that my daughter was suffering from reflux as well. That`s when I realized that all the groaning and grunting, the tightening of the body and arching of the back that my daughter did, along with throwing up as soon as she finished a feed were all symptomsof reflux. Since craniosacral therapy is non invasive I thought of giving it a try. I thought if it doesn`t help, its not going to harm either. So I took my 3 month old to Zia, who was just wonderful. In just 2 sessions I saw the difference in my daughter. She started sleeping better, her groaning and grunting had stopped. She did not throw up anymore. My daughter was a different baby. I then asked Zia if she could help with my 3 year old son. He has an enlarged adenoid and wheezing issues with difficulty in breathing and he would breathe with his mouth open. Just a couple of sessions and I saw the difference with my son as well. He gained weight, is more active and overall a much healthier child. Even his pediatrician was shocked with the change in him. I was never a believer in alternate medicine, but after seeing the difference in my own children and myself (I have migraine issues which are now much better thanks to craniosacral therapy), I recommend Zia to every one of my friends. Zia has been absolutely amazing. Patient and so understanding.
As this is a non invasive treatment, people like me, who are petrified of injections and don’t like to medicate myself and my children, this alternate therapy has worked wonders.
Payal Patel, Mother
Mumbai, India 2011

I am thankful to God and a friend who connected me to Zia. One gets apprehensive before this magical treatment starts- I sure was. I went to her in the beginning stage of my herniated cervical slip disc which also compressed my nerves. The MRI suggested surgery. I was petrified. It was then Zia started her treatment and gave me an assurance that she will give it her best shot. Its very easy to get faith in her. In a months time I experienced a huge difference ….where I was experiencing pain – her treatment showed results and now I am in a far better position and it appears like I will be able to evade the surgery altogether. While curing my back she detected other problems and was able to cure them too. Thanks to this therapy I could evade a surgery and get back to my normal life.
Purvi Shah “ Fashion Designer
Mumbai, India, 2011

Zia has cultivated a powerful gift that uses profound knowledge, deep insight and a multi-faceted (OR a breadth of) experience to gently propel her client into and through their healing process.
I experienced immediate and lasting relief from a chronic headache after one session. My anxiousness, travel-sickness and out-of-balance nervous system were all dramatically improved with one session and resolved after four sessions of CST/SE.
Zia’s CST/SE sessions were powerful enough to correct my problems, and her work is also most effective when used as a preventative health measure to achieve and maintain overall well being.
Lisa Scadron, Artist,
United States of America 2010

I came to this technique as I was facing an emotional crisis, the build-up of which left ‘no space’ in my body or mind and for the first time I felt ‘full’ of emotion. This manifested outwardly in my space as well, and I felt overwhelmed with events & people around me. Zia helped me create that space for myself. I felt invigorated, energized and also less stressed by the situation around me as I did feel my session helped create that space for me.
The second time I came in with a frozen shoulder (left) and a back pain (right). Both pain situations as I was going through the same in my life (2 choices). After my session, I felt 75% better, and within the next few days my pain was gone.
Craniosacral therapy works deeper ways, which cannot be explained. The benefits may not be felt instantly, but it supersedes any medication one might take on a superficial level to deal with symptoms.
Shonaalii Saberwal
Nutritionist & Author – Macrobiotics India 2010


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