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Profile and Reviews for Spiritual Mantra Healer – Bhavishya Astro Research Center (BARC)

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  • Haunted service evil effects & black magic removal, old & new disease curing, curing from wheat allergy, marriage, and family & business problems-sure services.
  • India’s best spiritual point for mantra healing, dowsing astrology, Indian & western astrology, perfect vastu, spiritual reiki, mantra-tantra, online hawan and voice therapy.
  • World famous mantra healer, dowsing astrologer, tantra, vastu, reiki, gemstones, rudraksha expert.
  • “isthdev-shree ghanta karan mahaveer, mahudi, gujarat”.
  • Yes, we can hold 20 minutes in case of heart attack.
  • We fight spiritually for cancer & heart attacks through “mantra healing”.
  • After successive 15 year working in “mantra healing & dowsing astrology” we can cure cancer & hold for 20 minutes in “heart attack cases” even on phone.

These services for our regular registered yearly member clients only.



For the first time in the world. We are presenting a CD, on hearing it you can gain health and become tension free. Shree Ghantakaran Mahavir’s follower, Sanjay Lodha Jain, the power of his enchanted mantras will definitely fill you with new energy. Before hearing this CD, first freshen up then sit in the meditating position or you can recline and concentrate on the center of your head. Then turn on the CD, you will experience a new life within yourself. You can hear this CD as many times as you like.



Having complete faith and confidence in your God leads you towards spirituality and this path fills your life with positive energy.  “ Mantra Healing “ or spiritual healing has the power to keep you away from problems and illness. In this spiritual working no medicines or herbs are used. It is based on pure Mantra enchanting and our spiritual powers. Presence of the person on whom mantra healing is to be done is not necessary. Mantra Healing can cure any type of physical, mental, family, business, evil effects problems, and any type of black magic. We have cured people worldwide through Mantra Healing and not only people but animals too. Our working is based on shree ghantakran mahavir. We can cure or remove anything by healing as per our wishes may contact for anything & especially for:

  • Disease – ITP, cancer, migraine, asthma, joint pains, depression, insomnia, sexual sensation, brain, kidney, some old diseases, unusual behavior, mental disorder.
  • Evil effects-old or new any type of evil effects or black magic or soul effect
  • General-family, business, carrier, marriage, sex, education, disconnection or connection from anybody.
  • Future Incidents or Accidents.

Charges (INR) – Case-by-case basis

Healers Association of India

Web-HEALERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA.IN / Mail: haofindia@hotmail.com

Founder & National President

Sanjay Lodha Jain

Bhawishya Astro Research Centre

17,shopping centre,Gautam nagar,Bhopal-23

Phone 0755 4272687, 9826247140

Web www.jewelsastro.com

Mail sanjayonline08@gmail.com


Healers Association of India

Bhopal. Now for the first time in India, an organization for Healers & Alternative Therapist will be formed as Healers Association of India Mantra Healer, Reiki, Pranik, Shiatshu, Theta Healers along with Herbal, Sound, Color, Rudraksha, Gemstone, Past life, Hypnosis, Flower & other therapists may join this Association. Founder and National President of HAI is SANJAY LODHA JAIN. ,Renowned Mantra Healer & Dowsing Astrologer, owner of Bhawishya Astro Research Centre, 17, shopping centre, gautam nagar, Bhopal.

In HAI yearly & 03 year membership is available. In every six month a seminar conference will be organized in different cities of India & the person who has done best work in the field of healing will be awarded the Healer of the Region award.

All type of alternative therapy and Healing services are directly or indirectly connected with spiritualism. People who are involved in these fields dedicate their work in the betterment of mankind.


In a short span of time the website-Web-HEALERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA.IN and all members directory will be launched. Interested Healers may directly contact the national president. 

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