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You ad on FaithAndYou.com generates highly qualified leads where thousands of viewers come with the intent to seek wellness, alternative and spiritual therapies only. This means higher conversion and revenue for you compared to other online advertising channels.

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FaithAndYou.com is an ideal place for wellness, alternative and spiritual practitioners to advertise their practice. You can promote you center, classes, courses, or upcoming events to get highly qualifies leads.

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Horizontal Banner – 230×65

Horizontal Banner - 230x65

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Vertical Banner - 72x293

Displays on the homepage sidebar
Displays across all cities
Width 72 x Height 293
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FaithAndYou.com is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to find a GREAT wellness, alternative or spiritual practitioner right in your neighborhood.
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FaithAndYou.com is the BEST WAY TO PROMOTE your wellness, alternative or spiritual practice online. Be found by thousands of seekers looking for you.

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