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9 reviews for Dr. Suman Choudhary

  1. Anitha Mar 28, 2017

    My teenage daughter was suffering from severe abdominal pain for over two months. She was in and out of hospital, and underwent several tests, but there was no diagnosis. When we met Dr. Suman, she was very weak, throwing up constantly, and had missed school for a considerable length of time. However, after treatment, she showed rapid improvement, the pain diminished, and within three weeks was able to attend school and write her exams. It was a remarkable recovery and we cannot thank Dr. Suman enough for this!

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  2. Anil Feb 15, 2017

    I had been suffering from cervical slip disk. It was very serious. I was unable to lift my left hand and 4 nerves were blocked. I went to Allopathic doctors and was treated for almost a month but there was no improvement at all. Then the doctor suggested an operation but I was scared.

    Luckily I heard about Dr. Suman Choudhary for Acupressure treatment from one of my friends. I visited her the same day and she diagnosed me accurately without seeing my MRI or any other report and in the first sitting itself I was able to lift my hand. It was like a miracle. Within a few sittings she cured me. She is really an amazing healer. She even treated me for quitting smoking. Now I am a non-smoker. My life has totally changed after meeting her. I will always be thankful to her and I recommend her for any disease.

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  3. Anil karadge Jan 16, 2017

    I had severe cervical disc slip issue. I tried allopathic for months but it didn’t help me. One of my friend told me about acupressure Dr Suman. She cured me within few sittings. It was like a miracle. She cures the root cause of the issues. I am so thankful of Dr. suman Chaudhary

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  4. Reshma Jan 22, 2016

    Eczema and Allergies were two words that were always ubiquitous in my life. From my childhood to the present, I used to suffer from minor outbreaks but increasingly got more bothersome in my adolescence. To me, it was this ominous persistence that hindered me from trying out anything from food to clothing to new experiences. I’d spent more time in a doctor’s office than on the playground as a kid.

    I had consulted almost every dermatologist in Bangalore about it. I tried all ranges of treatment from Alopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, NAET and other alternative medicine. I was advised by these numerous doctors to observe a lot of dietary restrictions right from a young age as well. They prescribed so many antihistamines and steroidal creams that I’ve lost count. But these prescriptions failed to give any relief as my itching would come back after a week or two.

    The last outbreak happened in May of 2015 and it was completely life changing in the worst way possible. By this time, my list of foods that I had to avoid was so extensive I hardly ate. My skin was changing from a neutral complexion to sickly dark and took upon the appearance of rotten bark. I barely slept as my itching got more worse and pronounced. It covered my full body. I was restless, anxious, depressed and defeated. I stopped going out and I lost interest in doing anything. I put my education on hold. I thought my future was bleak. I couldn’t see any light at the end of this long dark tunnel and that was when I discovered Dr. Suman Choudhary.

    I started consulting Dr Choudhary from Oct 2015 and right from the first consultation she told this wasn’t an allergy problem and I could eat whatever I want. I didn’t believe her at first and was skeptical, but I carried on with her treatment. She is an angel in disguise; a gifted healer and counselor. She is honest and forthright and has a vast knowledge about her practice. She is firm but very kind and takes a vested interest in all her patients. Slowly but surely I started noticing the difference in my skin and my attitude towards life. It hasn’t healed fully yet but my shadow days are over. She not only heals your body but your mind and soul. Her confidence and optimism is inspiring and lifted me from the dark recesses of my mind. I will always be ever grateful to her and I highly recommend her to anyone for any disease. Her clinic’s name ‘Cure for All’ is definitely apropos to her practice.

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  5. Chala Oct 02, 2015

    Dr. Suman Choudhary is a great healer. She has come as a blessing to us. My daughter has eczema and her care over WhatsApp has worked wonders for her.
    She doesn’t try to suppress the symptoms rather she cures the root cause of the issue.

    I am so grateful that we met her and would like to STRONGLY recommend her.

    I wish there are more doctors like her.

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  6. Manishi Singh Aug 19, 2015

    Sanjeevani Buti, that’s what my mother calls her. My father is a patient of MSA disease which is related to the dysfunctioning of brain and nervous system. Alopathic treatment was becoming hopeless. In those moments we went to Dr. Suman, she started the treatment immediately and request us to postpone the flight of my parents. Thank God that we did that, within few days we could see the difference in my father’s health. His speech, walk, working everything improved. I would not say 100%, as Dr. Suman had very limited time of 30 days, but far better than what it was before. Thank-you so much Dr. Suman. She takes people as humans first and after that thinks them as patients.

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  7. Sangeeta Aug 17, 2015

    Dr Suman Choudhary is truly amazing. We visited India last year and were introduced to Dr Suman via my brother. She helped him recover from severe back problem. She helped my kid with her eczema. We continue getting her help via WhatsApp. She is truly an amazing healer. She is also a great person. I would strongly recommend her.


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  8. Meenaxi Math Aug 16, 2015

    She is truly a healer. I had been suffering from cervical slip disk past from 3 years but last one year, it got very severe and I wasn’t able to lift my hand and had shown to all top doctors in Bangalore and was on physiotherapy almost for 3 months which increased my pain even more. One of my friend referred me to Sr Suman. I visited her 1st day and she diagnosed me exactly without seeing my MRI or any medical report. It’s been just a month and half I’m visiting Dr Suman, 90% of my pain decreased. It’s my fortune to find a doctor like this who is a healer, counsellor and a good guide who leads you towards positivity. My life has literally changed after meeting her.

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  9. Rajesh Feb 24, 2014

    I was despondent with life after my Spinal bulge. All treatments had failed. Dr. Suman came as an angel and cured me within a few sittings. Thanks to her, my life has become normal and full of joy.

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